Liquid Mercury Metal 99.99% 2 Ounce

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2 Ounce of 99.99% Pure Liquid Mercury. Free Shipping!

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Product Description

99.99% Liquid Mercury Metal, sold by 2 ounce quantities. 1  quantity equals 2 ounce, ex. if you select a quantity of 2 you will receive 4 ounces of Liquid Mercury Metal, if you select a quantity of 4 you will receive 8 ounces of Liquid Mercury etc.

The image above is of 2 ounces of Liquid Mercury Metal in each glass vial, 16 ounces equals 1 pound.

If you order less than 4 ounces it will ship in multiple small (6ml) HDPE plastic vials if more than 4 ounces of Liquid Mercury, it will ship in a single HDPE plastic bottle. It will not ship in the glass vials like in the image above.

Free Shipping!

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